Tuscany Wedding Photographers


We need to get to know you better to work in the best possible way on your wedding day to allow us to capture every detail, moment or person that is important to you. Please take a few minutes to answer the questionnaire questions and read our suggestions.


    1. Photo details

    Please have all the items to be photographed in the preparation room: dress, shoes, jewellery, bouquet and boutonnières, perfume, make-up, cufflinks, watch, decorative items from the ceremony, and any items dear to you. Please bring two copies of the paper invitations and menu.

    2. Flowers and lighting

    Details are essential in a wedding and make it unique. Pay special attention to the floral decorations and table settings, lighting during dinner, cake cutting and dancing, and fireworks. And remember the throwing of rice, confetti, or petals at the end of the ceremony and the traditional tossing of the bouquet.

    3. Preparations

    For your preparations, choose a place that is bright and as tidy as possible. Everything that will be present in the preparation room will be seen in your photographs. Advise make-up artists and hairdressers to wear neutral, inconspicuous clothing, preferably black/dark, and not to wear flashy rings, bracelets or watches.

    4. Ceremony

    Many weddings are set outdoors, so please remember that summer temperatures can be high and the sun very strong. To ensure good photos of this moment, choose the time of the ceremony well according to the time of year. Strong, direct light will tend to make the eyes squint, throw shadows on faces and clothes, and could result in sweating in all your photos. A soft light is essential for good images of this critical moment.

    5. Couple photos

    The best time for couples-only photos is just before sunset when the light is soft and golden. We usually recommend taking them during the aperitif shortly before dinner.

    6. Group photo

    We cannot guarantee that all guests will appear in your photos. If you would like to be sure of having a memory of everyone, please ask us for a group photo or a souvenir photo with your nearest and dearest. We recommend putting some essential photos on the list, such as those with your parents, grandparents, siblings and witnesses. Help us take them quickly and organise by having someone close to you who knows the guests join us. It is also essential for us to understand which people are closest to your heart; please introduce them to us on your wedding day.

    7. Reception

    Create a pleasant atmosphere with lighting that allows us to photograph this beautiful moment of sharing.
    If there are going to be a lot of children, consider having a nanny. The children will have fun, and the adults can enjoy the party. It is also crucial for us to have a table, with the other staff, where we can sit and rest for a moment and have something to eat. We must be close to the guests' tables to avoid missing decisive moments, speeches, or toasts during the reception.

    8. Cutting of the cake

    Present a wedding cake that matches your wedding. Perhaps a beautiful tiered, scenic cake set up in a nice area of the venue and with adequate lighting.

    9. The first dance

    This is one of the most exciting moments, like the dances with parents. Think about the right song to play and the lighting to create an intimate atmosphere. It will be a beautiful moment to remember.

    10. The party

    If you would like to make your guests go wild, you have to create the right atmosphere with mood lighting. This will help us to take unique photos.